So Its that time of year to start getting excited about your works christmas party. If you want some quick tips and cool ideas on how to choose the perfect band for your works christmas party then this guide is for you! 

I would firstly suggest planning what moments in the day you want music, the most popular times for this are:

  • Background music at the Drinks/welcome reception,
  • Background music during a meal
  • Main stage evening band. 
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Wedding of the Goats

Recently we had an wedding enquiry for the Silver Stage Swing Trio which we later found out  was going to be the toughest event of Their life. We were told if the couple were not happy with the music that both the bride and groom were likely to spit at them and possibly headbutt them too! 

We knew we had to send our very best out keep this couple happy. As you can see in the video the band won over the bride who was tapping her feet along to the swinging sounds of the trumpet whilst the groom stood watching completely mesmerised! 

Another happy client x

Happy International Jazz Day

So today which is the 30th march 2017 is international jazz day! 

To celebrate this we thought we would share a video of the Silver Stage Swing Trio performing "When The Saints" with you, enjoy.

Happy International Jazz Day

Richmond College Magazine Interview

Our founder Mark Perry recently got asked to do an interview by his old 6th form College to give current music students some inspiration and words of advice in their college magazine. He talks about life as a professional musician and mentions when he started and what we do at Silver Stage Entertainment. Please see the article below.

Mark Perry Richmond College interview.png

How to sign up to Silver Stage Entertainment

Here at Silver Stage Entertainment we are always looking out for the hottest new bands on the scene. If you have a band that you think qualify's then keep reading to see how you could sign up to our books. 

To be considered we will need you to send us the following promo material: 

  • A good quality unbranded video file (no youtube links please)
  • A short biog 
  • At least 1 good quality picture of the act
  • Some audio clips (only if no video) 
  • Rep list 
  • Prices (Please keep them competitive) 
  • Let us know if you are self sufficient for gigs or if you need a PA system provided etc

We only accept professional full time musicians on our books

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So you want to book a wedding band to perform on your special day but don’t where to start. Well reading this article should certainly help you make a good decision.

First of all you should decide what style of music you want and when you want it. Popular times to have music at weddings are:

  • Music to walk down the aisle to
  • Background music for a drinks reception
  • Background music during the meal
  • Main event bands for people to dance to at night.

So the next step is to pick the correct type of band for the time that you would like them to play in the. Here are just a few suggestions that have always worked well.

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So we are near the end of this years London Jazz Festival. All in all I think its been a great festival this year. I’ve been to loads of incredible gigs where they have all been fully packed and the vibe has just been amazing, I’ve also brought a few tasty new CDs including:

  • SimonPurcell – Red Circle
  • Chris Potter – The Sirens
  • Helen Merrill – Brownie (Homage to Clifford Brown) 

Me and saxophonist  Duncan Eagles from “Silver Stage Jazz” have recorded and released a collaborative Jazz CD which we couldn’t be happier with and have had some really nice reviews about it. 

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So when did High Rollers first form?

 We formed back in 2008.

How did the band start?

I was looking to start a function band but one that would only play my favourite music. I refused to only play the ‘wedding classics’ for the sake of it.

How did you get into Soul music?

You always hear soul music on the radio. It’s always there on whichever station you hear as it’s such universal music appealing to so many moods. I would have heard a lot of soul music without really knowing what the artists were. And once I’d got over my rock/indie phase aged 17/18 I clocked that so much of these radio songs that I truly loved were ‘soul music’. You scratch the surface of the genre and find there is an absolute iceberg underneath. 

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Polina and Nick Bottini’s Perfect Wedding Day

A huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bottini who got married on the 26th October 2014!

Here is a little piece on how their special day went:

 We received a message here at Silver Stage Entertainment asking to hire a wedding pianist to play at the beautiful Glemham Hall in Suffolk for Mr and Mrs Bottini. The couple knew exactly what they wanted and had chosen a great selection of music to be played at their wedding.

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