Using pioneering LED panel technology, this LED Drumline provides a truly spectacular show. The panels and sticks are crafted to display complex light shows which are synchronized between the drums with an audio track.  

The drumming ensemble perform all styles of high precision, high powered and highly visual rudimental drumming while being completely mobile and offering bespoke performances.

This unique light show is customizable to your event with the ability to display text and logos across the drums.

The UK LED Drumline Ensemble perform and work for corporate events, product launches, festivals, Sports teams, TV, advertising, film as well as private events.

About Light Box

Light Box is the UK's pioneering professional LED drumline. They are a visually immersive, versatile group of LED drummers available for hire. They provide:

  • High impact, energetic drummers

  • Incredible LED light shows

  • Brilliant LED stick visuals

  • Complete mobility - Our LED drums are attached to us.

  • Blisteringly fast, skilled grooves

  • Choreography

  • Bespoke performances with backing tracks


Light Box is available for:

Promotional events
Product launches
Pre-show, post and half-time entertainment for sporting events Performances for TV/film and advertising
Festival and community events
Private celebrations, such as birthdays and weddings

Why The act is different:

They are using pioneering LED technology.
They are a group of highly trained musicians, including alumni of The Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, Guildhall and Trinity College.
They are incredibly versatile and can tailor their performance to your specification.

Their Line-up:

Currently, They provide 5 LED drummers and a technician for each show.

Services may include:

10-15 minute sets from Their repertoire
Playing along to your track(s) of choice
Personalised LED drum shows
Custom logos and images fitted onto our glowing Bass Drums